Wavecation Concierge Service for Beginners

Want to learn to surf on your next vacation, but don't know where to start?

We built this site to help surf enthusiasts discover places to stay on surfing beaches. At the core of this is our search engine, with the ability to explore surfing beaches based on an array of filters—searches by wave direction, type of break, swell direction, skill level, seabed, and more. That's great for those of us already initiated into this universe—but where does that leave those wanting to learn to surf?

We recognize that it can sometimes be hard for someone new to venture into this world alone. We have also seen bad first time experiences often times end in frustration, and how a mentored introduction can make all the difference.

For these reasons we have decided to create a better path for those looking to partake in the joys of riding waves.

What is the Wavecation Concierge Service for Beginners? 🏄🏿

We match you with your perfect surf trip depending on your answers to our 30 second survey. We want to better understand what you are looking for, your budget, your ideal destination. This is a human matching you, not a machine, for now the founders (Juan and Ren) themselves. We will ensure to match you with the best stewards of stoke.

We offer a call pre-trip to walk you through what to expect and some tips from a decade of seeing others learn this sport. We will also be available for any questions you may have as you embark on your new adventure.

We will share surf educational content in easy to consume increments to better prepare you.  What you need to know as a beginner about the mechanics of surfing. The etiquette amongst surfers in an ocean with limited waves. Great movies to watch in the surfing world. Books to read, and other resources to nerd out on.

✨All this at NO EXTRA COST.  Our intention is to share our love for the ocean with a proper introduction to this passionate lifestyle. If in the process some of you come back to us for future trips we will chuck that up as a win.


Interested?  Fill out this survey to get started. Once we receive your responses give us 1 to 2 days to email you a few suggestions to get the ball rolling. Risk free if we do not find what you are looking for—either way we hope you follow your interest into the ocean!

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About Juan Dulanto

CEO at Wavecation. When out of the water Juan's favorite pasttime is playing backgammon by the beach—preferably while enjoying a local beer.
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