Wavecation got Gooped!

Featured as resolution 8 amongst 20!
“I have vivid fantasies about being a surfer: slicing through the waves on my board, my stance loose and confident, wearing a neon-green bikini in some far-flung place where the water is crystalline and sun-warmed. If you’re like me—not great at surfing, full of heart, sun-worshipping, and agile on land in a way that could maybe possibly translate to agility riding tropical swells—then Wavecation is going to delight the hell out of you and serve as major inspiration for your next vacation."

We are beyond stoked to have been featured on Goop as one of the twenty "resolutions they're committing to in 2020". Big thanks to Megan O’Neill for the inclusion!

Read the full piece here.

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COO at Wavecation. Passionate about helping folks find their perfect surf destination so they can spend more time surfing, and less time planning!
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